Sunday, 28 June 2009

Canada, Oh Canada.

On tuesday morning i leave for Canada for the entire summer, I have never been to Canada before, but I hope it looks a bit like this.




- Wild bears should dance about in the forests, only occasionally stopping to have a picnic,
- Big steam ships will patrol the icy waters
- Women will swoon over that honest hard working laborer, the lumberjack
- Everyone will have lots of barrels of hay in the backs of peoples cars. Even if they are just picking their kids up from school
- All Diners will have booth seats covered in vinyl so your legs stick to them in the heat
- Rodeos!
- The average gentleman will own at least two tractors, one for work one for fancy occasions.
- Big pretty parks where i can ride my bike whilst the other half is hard at work
- Pancakes will come as an appetizer before every meal
- This will be the sight at every bus stop
- Deers and fairgrounds, this one is a pretty basic requirement for an exciting summer.
- And most importantly, bricks won't have made it to the land of maple yet, and everyone will still live in a house that looks like it was built as a den by a pack of young boys.

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harrietta henderson said...

Canada will be an even more beautiful and exiting place when blessed with your presence